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“My friends and I spent a wonderful afternoon cooking with Archana (Ministry of Curry). We made Butter Chicken, Onion and Spinach Pakoras and Daal Makhani. The recipes were easy to follow and everything came out delicious. We had so much fun cooking and then enjoyed an amazing meal. I highly recommend taking a class with Ministry of Curry for all cooking levels, from beginner to experienced.” – Loren Taggart

“Attended a lesson at a friend’s house on Friday. Archana is a terrific teacher. Very patient. She is lovely. Recipes are easy to follow. We made a terrific meal. Would definitely recommend!!!”Rosalie Small

“I would highly recommend Ministry of Curry cooking class with Archana Mundhe to all ages.
I really enjoyed preparing and cooking our chicken tikka masala and aloo, gobi, mutter subzi dishes with my friend. Archana was so organized and introduced us to a variety of spices. We learned so much! We were welcomed with appetizers, ginger chai tea, and a delightful rice pudding.
Everything was super yummy! Time flew by with conversation and new skills. I learned to cook basmati rice and it was fantastic! We went home with plenty of containers of our healthy meals.
At dinner time, my husband was surprised that we prepared these delicious Indian meals in a few hours. We enjoyed every bite.
I will definitely take another class!
Thank You Archana for a lovely experience!” – 
Evelyn Eda-Walloga

“A friend and I spent the afternoon at Archana’s home, learning how to cook chicken tikka masala and aloo gobi. Archana was incredibly organized, giving us a quick lesson on Indian spices, and walking us through the process of making the dishes. It was very hands on and very accessible. My 14 year olds really enjoyed the meal (we brought home the foods we prepared, along with some naan, raita and dessert), and my husband (who was not home for dinner) is looking forward to my replicating the dishes in the near future. Given the way the session was structured, I think it is very doable. Thank you Archana!”Stacey Jacobs

“This was a unique opportunity to learn to cook Indian dishes. Archana is master of the instapot. She understood all the features and was able to explain quite well. We have an instapot but did not appreciate how versatile this piece of equipment was until taught by Archana. One of the lessons taught by Archana was to get organized. We prepped everything ahead of time. It was a piece of cake to then follow the recipe. You can be confident that if you follow Archana’s advice you will not fail! We want to thank Archana for her excellent lesson, her hospitality and conversation during the lesson. We were made to feel welcome and at home.” – Rolfe Hartley

“Archana’s cooking class was wonderful! Everything was delicious and the instruction was so informative. Archana really helped demystify Indian cooking and show that you can create delicious and easy meals at home. I really enjoyed the time we spent and I’m already planning the next class. Thanks Archana!”Schulamit

“Thank you Archana for a wonderful cooking/dining experience with my two daughters! We felt right at home in your well-equipped, bright, and spacious kitchen where we comfortably prepared Malabar chicken, Chana Saag, and Kale-potato Paratha with your helpful coaching. Your having all of the fresh ingredients available allowed us to cook these dishes and then dine together. We left with printed copies of recipes, which I have used to duplicate these tasty dishes in my own home. They were hits!” – Lauretta Biasi Miller

“I loved our awesome girls night out with Ministry of Curry! It was a relaxed and fun environment to learn how to cook some amazing Indian food. I learned a ton and also got to eat some delicious food! I was even sent home with recipes to recreate what we made together- I will certainly be making these again! A very fun night!!!”Amy Gill

“Archana created a dosa cooking class just for my group upon request. I was very impressed that she wrote recipes specifically for our class so that we could recreate them at home. She even took the time to teach us about the wide varieties of lentils And where to buy them. The food came out delicious! I can’t wait to go back and learn how to make another great meal! I highly recommend taking one of her classes!” – Kristen Daffron

“We had such a wonderful evening cooking with Archana! We made Malabar Chicken, Chana Saag and Kale potato paratha. Archana was a great teacher and broke down the recipes into easy-to-follow steps. I was very impressed with her knowledge of the contents of Indian spices and their health benefits. 

I’m excited to try these recipes at home and definitely plan on taking another cooking class with Archana. I highly recommend taking a class! So much fun!!”Karyn Erb

Such a fun cooking experience! Archana’s preparation and presentation of recipes and foods was amazing. It was so much fun learning about the Indian spices and having such a hands on experience with the scents and flavors. The environment was so relaxed and Archana’s prep work made it easy and fun to experiment with new recipes…which can sometimes be overwhelming. I am excited to share these new flavors with my family, and look forward to cooking with you again!”Katie McCourt

“Anyone who enjoys cooking at home needs to take a class with Archana. It’s a fun and easy program that teaches you how to cook unbelievable Indian cuisine. Archana makes cooking fun, she’s organized and knows how to bring out the best flavors in her food.” – Kevin Yapaola

“The cooking class in Englewood was very well organized and such an enjoyable time. Archana, you led the class with panache and joy. The recipes seemed so easy to make, all authentic spices and fresh ingredients were laid out. Eating the food we cooked was such a great idea. I look forward to another fun group class in NYC maybe.” Laurence Carr

“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed Archana and our class

Archana catered every detail of our menu to my husband’s dietary issues. We are excited to try recipes at home in the coming weeks.

We highly recommend the class to anyone. It was a perfect date night!”Julia Bender

“December is a month of wishes and my long time wish to cook with Archana in her kitchen was realized this weekend. A nimbly planned casual visit was upgraded to “Cooking with Archana”. My son, a 13 year old and I enjoyed and experienced a first class, one of a kind cooking session. 
Besides the passion for cooking, the ease with she cooks, attention to every detail she places from keeping everything ready to the presentation makes it enjoyable. Her cozy kitchen is perfectly set and her presentation attractive. At the end of the session my 13 year old had this to say, “I knew mom followed your recipes but I trust them now”. I will highly recommend getting your family, spouse, kids, teenagers to cook with Archana and enjoy a special meal and company. Happy Holidays!!” – Medha Rajamanur

 “I had a wonderful birthday weekend and immensely enjoyed you cooking class. Since then, I made stuffed Eggplant twice and Kadi once. I logged on to your ministry of curry website and will be cooking from your recipes and clear and illustrated instructions from now on. Thank you very much for your gift of spices and your hospitality and warmth. It was a pleasure meeting you. Swati was telling me, that you are a very “dynamite” of a person to meet and get to know. Now I know what she means. You are so graceful and composed wearing so many hats, as a mother, wife, carrier woman and entrepreneur. Wishing you all the best in all things best that life has to offer.” – Y. Rao.

“Joanne and I enjoyed a wonderful class at the Ministry of Curry this weekend. Archana is a most gracious teacher and hostess, and our class started off with a glass each of delicious homemade Mango Lassi. We learned how to prepare two traditional Northern Indian dishes for dinner: Dal Makhani and Chicken Saag (with the latter dish prepared extra-spicy, per my request). Archana went over each ingredient and each preparation step in detail with us, and we now feel confident enough to cook these dishes at home. We’ll definitely be back to learn some more new and interesting recipes!” Evan Ardelle

 “As a foodie who has been cooking international dishes for more than 23 years and founded a cooking club 11 years ago in NYC, I can tell you that Archana ( Ministry of Curry) is an amazing chef/teacher. I love the fact that her cooking classes’ dishes focus on healthy & flavorful eating style which is highly important to me. Taking a class with Archana will be an experience one will never forget; thus prompting many to keep cooking with her and learning from her. I am fortunate to enjoy cooking/baking with Archana on a regular basis! Her passion for food keeps her smiling and excelling in the kitchen. I would highly recommend her classes.” – Maude Vincent Subrahmanyam
“My girlfriends and I spent a great evening learning to cook Indian food. Archana broke down the steps and made it seem easy! The food was excellent and the company was great. I will definitelyhave another lesson soon.” – Stacey Turner Frenkel

The class I took yesterday was fun and informative, and best of all, delicious!!! Thank you so much for sharing your expert cooking skills with us! I like how you encouraged us to learn the steps and fostered our independence in the kitchen. There were so many cute touches with matching aprons and beautifully designed recipe cards. It was a really wonderful experience! ” – Amy Marlin

“What a great time today making Malabar Chicken and Palak Paneer. Lovely setting, great teacher, wonderful tastes and aromas … and dinner to take home. Mmmm Mmmm good!” Kathryn Schmidt
“Enjoyed a girl’s’ night out, learning how to cook Chicken Tikka Masala and Palak Paneer. Archana was a wonderful host and great teacher. So excited to cook Indian for my family. I would highly recommend her cooking class.”Eileen Seaman
“Archana’s class was a wonderful experienced !
The food was amazing !!
It was so interesting to learn about all of the contents of Indian spices.
I highly recommend this fabulous Indian cooking class!!!”Michele Catanzaro
“Archana is a gracious host, fabulous teacher and excellent cook. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed learning about Indian food and culture. Food was delicious. I highly recommend this class!”Janine Lanzisera
“I just spent a wonderful evening cooking with Archana yesterday. I highly recommend her class. The food was delicious and the company delightful. I’m going to round up my sister and Dad for another lesson soon.”Swati Engel
“My husband and older kids went for a lesson I gave them as a christmas gift and brought home the most amazing palak paneer and dal makhani. The paneer was bright green and fresh, I was unable to go but my daughter said I would have loved it not only for the lessons and her lovely manner, but her kitchen was sparkling clean and bright and a pleasure in which to work. We will be making a return trip.” –  Therese Powers
“I have taken 2 lessons (so far) with Archana, the last with my college age daughter home from school. Both times were awesome and the food we made was delicious and we can’t wait to take another lesson!” – Laura Grube