Top 10 Instant Pot Recipes of 2017

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Here are the Top 10 Instant Pot recipes of 2017 from Ministry of Curry that you’ve loved the most this year!

We made so many memories developing these recipes, creating the recipe videos and sharing them with you. We are gratified with the success you had using Ministry of Curry’s Instant Pot recipes and all that we have learnt together in this delicious journey!

It was hard to limit these to the top 10 but here are your favorites:

#10 Carrot Halwa – A delicious and authentic dessert recipe that cooks to perfection in 30 minutes. This genius recipe can be adapted for a vegan version or can be cooked with the traditional ingredients such as milk and khoya. Here is what one of our follower says – Archana thank you for this great recipe. I made it today, was super easy and just perfect. Can’t believe I can now make gajar halwa in few minutes. Thanks a lot to you!!

carrot halwa
carrot halwa

# 9 Palak Paneer – A classic North Indian dish that can be made in the Instant Pot in 10 minutes and it tastes better than any restaurant version we have tasted! Here is what one of our expert chef follower says “EZ to make, healthy and flavorful! Made for a sumptuous Sunday lunch!! Becoming a fan of my newly acquired instapot. EZ clean up too.”

palak paneer
palak paneer

#8 Dum Aloo – Taking something complex and making is simple, is how we describe this recipe from my mom. A no-fail recipe with impressive flavors. A great recipe for parties as well as family meals,  this easy Instant Pot recipe is a winner. Here is what our follower says “Made this per your instructions, and loved it! Finally found THE dum aloo recipe! This one is definitely going into my list of faves for parties! Thanks so much for sharing, I’m a huge fan!”

dum aloo
dum aloo

#7 Mixed Lentils and Vegetables Khichdi – Ultimate comfort food –  this khichdi is a perfect one-pot, gluten free meal that is packed with proteins and vitamins. A super nutrituos dish that is enjoyed by the entire family and here is what our follower says “Made this and it was finger licking good !! My usually fussy and picky 5 year old, polished it off ! Please keep the recipes coming  “

Mixed Lentils & Vegebatles Khichadi
Mixed Lentils Khichadi

#6 Chicken Korma – A simple chicken curry using whole aromatic spices that is loved by children and adults alike. This has become a go-to weeknight curry for many readers and we  are happy to hear the success stories of this recipe every day. Truly makes our day when the recipes like these become kid-approved! Here is what our follower says “My 1 year old loved this! Finally something that she’ll eat other than cheese and crackers 🙂 . ”

chicken korma
chicken korma

#5  Aloo Gobhi – Tried and tested by many this humble everyday recipe was an instant hit. As one of our followers says – “Ok this is a new favorite. Thank you so much! I already loved the other recipes you had posted but I swear I could eat the entire pot full of this myself!”

aloo gobhi instant pot
aloo gobhi

#4 Healthy Butter Chicken – A genius, authentic tasting sauce that is paleo approved is cooked with a healthy twist. We use ghee and coconut milk instead of butter and cream.  The result is an incredibly tasty and guilt-free butter chicken that is better-than-any-restaurant. We also use this versatile and incredibly delicious sauce  to make paneer makhani, malai kofta and shrimp curry. Here is a most recent feedback “Made Butter Chicken tonight using the paleo, lactose-intolerant friendly recipe by Archana Deshmukh-Mundhe. It turned out so good, better than a restaurant! The secret here really is using Archana’s special garam masala blend. (Recipe: ) It’s much better than my own version..”

instant pot butter chicken
butter chicken

#3 Homemade ghee – Probably our most questioned recipe, where the readers wondered the benefits of making ghee in the Instant Pot. Then many of you tried and we are excited to get the positive feedback on the perfect texture, aroma and accurate timing each time.  Here is what a talented chef and blogger Kiranmayee Pullakhandam says Try it to know for yourselves,this recipe is awesome. Even I wondered about the same until I tried it” 

homemade ghee - Instant Pot
homemade ghee

# 2 Vegetable and Paneer Biryani – We loved publishing this solid one pot recipe for our vegetarian friends. Loved that everyone ran with the concept of Biryani, the rice soaking and cook times and also came up with some interesting variations. Once again all the notes we received gave us so much positive vibes to keep working on more EASY recipes! Here is what our follower says – “Vegetable and Paneer biryani recipe courtesy of Archana Deshmukh-Mundhe – turned out amazing and even kids lapped it up.”

vegetable and paneer biryani
vegetable and paneer biryani

#1 Chicken Biryani– And yes you probably guessed it right, it is this super hit one-pot dish that was most popular for year 2017!  We are thrilled to get so many positive reviews, feedbacks and notes. This was the recipe many new Instant Pot owners tried as their inaugural post. And just like that, making of the Chicken Biryani changed from a complex task to a simple weeknight recipe! As one of our followers says “You seriously make making Briyani so easy for everyone! I have to thank you for that! I never dared making Briyani for so long … and now I think I make it almost every week… and I am definitely not working on it as hard as my mother or grandma has been”

Chicken Biryani - Top 10 Instant Pot Recipes of 2017
Chicken Biryani

With that note, Thank you to all the readers and followers for an awesome 2017! Thank you Instant Pot for an awesome kitchen appliance that we fell in love with. Thank you Dr.Oz for having us on your Instant Pot Segment to showcase the gorgeous summer berry cake. We look forward to welcoming 2018 with more delicious, easy to make and unique recipes.

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