Thai Massaman Curry

We love Thai food. Probably because of its similarities to Indian food… the spicy curries, the coconut, the fragrant rice. Today’s Thai massaman curry recipe dates back to Christmas 2008 when we visited our friends, Punitha and Winston, in Atlanta. It was our first time meeting Punitha and boy did she spoil us with her delicious cooking!! On the last day of our stay she made an amazing Thai meal featuring her massaman curry recipe and I’ve been making her recipe ever since. It always comes out perfect and is eaten up in no-time! My boys love it. This is a quick weeknight recipe that can be served with some steamed Jasmine rice.

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Kale-Potato Parathas{flatbreads}


I was introduced to Kale years ago when I first ate Kale chips. Since then I have  come across several articles that helped me understand all the nutritional benefits of kale. It is jam-packed with vitamins, fiber and several dietary minerals. Given it is so readily available in stores, I tried it as chips, in salads and then slowly introduced it in my Indian cooking. My latest experiment with Kale is making multi-layered, laccha parathas with blanched kale, potatoes, green chilies and lots of garlic. My boys who love parathas, loved these parathas and now we enjoy them frequently for breakfast, lunch and dinner! For me it’s a great way to incorporate Kale in our diets. Continue reading “Kale-Potato Parathas{flatbreads}”

Pan fried Pompano {Pomfret}

Spicy Panfried Pompano – Buttery mild white fish spiced with turmeric, red chili powder, ginger, garlic and coated with rice flour and pan fried to make the flavor packed fried fish.

Spiced, shallow fried Pomfret is a delicacy back home in Maharashtra.  Pomfret, also known as pompano or butterfish is very popular in South Asia as it is abundant in the surrounding oceans.

In 2003, Arti, my sister from Singapore was visiting and while shopping at the local Korean store she noticed the fish, labeled pompano, in the seafood department. Arti makes the most amazing fish and was very confident it will taste similar to my favorite pomfret.

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Roasted garlicky eggplant


I love eggplants for their versatility and flavor. I like baby eggplants, the long Japanese eggplant, Italian eggplant – they all go so well with so many different cuisines. I love indian curries but to be honest sometimes even with my stocked up spice panty its quiet a lot of work and cleanup to make them. For my weeknight dinners I like simple and lighter recipes. Recipes that enhance the basic flavor of fresh veggies instead of masking them up with a ton of spice. Many people ask me if I cook everyday and if I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. My answer is – yes I do cook most days but I do not spend more than 45 minutes on my weeknight meals. Continue reading “Roasted garlicky eggplant”