Puran Poli – Sweet Lentil Flatbreads

Happy Holi! Today we celebrate Holi, the festival of color; the celebration of victory of good over evil with a traditional meal of delicious Puran Poli – sweet lentil stuffed flatbreads.

Holi, is a popular Hindu festival celebrated over 2-5 days in India. On the evening of the first day, public bonfires are made, called Holika Dahan. On the next day (or 5th day in some states) people play with colors. My memories of Holi are of the bonfires and all of my loved ones gathering around them to pray. The fifth day is the most colorful day where we shower our friends, family and even those we don’t know with vibrant color both powder and liquid. Even after the holiday passes the streets of India look like a Monet covered in a sea of color.

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