How to sprout beans

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Here are my 3 favorite beans that I enjoy sprouted. Math(Turkish gram), Mung(green gram) and Masoor(red lentils)

Math, Mung and Masoor (from left to right)

Wash the beans thoroughly with cold water and soak them overnight (10-12) hours in warm water(2-3 times the volume of the beans)


Line a cheese cloth on a strainer and drain all the water.


Wrap the beans individually in cheese cloth and store covered in a cool, dry place.


I usually keep them in my oven and in winters keep the oven lights on for some warmth.

In summers they will sprout in 24-36 hours while in winters they may take up to 48 hours.


Once sprouted they can be refrigerated for 2 weeks and can be used in many recipes.

Raw Mung sprouts in particular taste great as a snack or as a salad.

Sprouted lentils and mung can be steamed and eaten with salad or steamed with salt pepper and onions for breakfast.

Rice with sprouted lentils tastes amazing and makes a great weeknight one pot meal.

All 3 sprouted beans can also be used to make the traditional curries that can be enjoyed with rice or parathas.




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  1. When enjoying with rice, do you add them to the cooking or afterwards? Sounds delish and will try this soon. Thank you.

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