Homemade ghee – Instant Pot

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Ghee, a staple in Indian cooking, is popular for its high-smoke point and nutty, toasted flavor! The best and purest ghee is the one that is home-made from grass-fed, organic, unsalted butter.  In addition to my stove top version, here is how to make homemade ghee in Instant Pot!

Ghee is made using unsalted butter and is cooked longer than clarified butter. So rather than stop cooking when the milk solids separate, for ghee you want to keep going until the solids brown and fall to the bottom of the pan. It has longer shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. Although, ghee is sold in many stores, it is very easy to make it at home. I love the aroma and flavor of the homemade ghee made using unsalted Irish kerry gold butter.


Last few months I have been making ghee in my Instant Pot. I like how much faster it cooks and so I decided to make a video to show on how to make homemade ghee using Instant Pot in 10 mins. There are few websites with slow cooker version of ghee in Instant Pot and I am sure they all work great. I usually do not have time or patience to spend 2-3 hours in slow cooking mode. So here is a quick 10-minute method if you are in crunch of time. This 10 minute method works perfectly for 16 oz of butter. If you are doubling the recipe you will need 15 mins of cook time in the Instant Pot.

Here is a link to my stove top version of homemade ghee. I use ghee in most of my cooking and baking. Here are some of my favorite recipes using ghee – bisi bele bhath – Instant Pot, butter chicken, lentils with drumstick leaves, chana masala, parathas and flatbreads and many yummy desserts!

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homemade ghee - Instant Pot
Homemade ghee - Instant Pot
Ghee, a staple in Indian cooking, is popular for its high-smoke point and nutty, toasted flavor!
Course: Misc.
Cuisine: Indian
Servings: 1 -1/2 cups
Author: Archana Mundhe
  • 16 oz unsalted Irish kerry gold butter
  1. Unwrap and add, 16 oz irish kerrygold unsalted butter sticks to the IP insert .
  2. Turn IP on to Saute Mode, Adjust to Normal (not More or Less). Set an external timer for 9 mins.
  3. Stir every 2-3 mins. Turn IP off once the 9 min timer goes off, butter will continue to cook for few mins. Allow it cool down.
  4. Strain the ghee using a fine mesh filter or cheesecloth into a dry and clean container.
  5. Cool completely before closing the lid.
  6. Note:
  7. Always use a clean, dry spoon or knife when using ghee.
  8. Keep Checking the ghee after about 7-8 minutes. Depending on the temperature of the butter, it may cook faster than 9 minutes. If the bottom starts to brown, take the Instant Pot Insert out of the pot and keep it on a hot plate to cool.
  9. For 32 Oz it takes about 15 mins.



73 thoughts on “Homemade ghee – Instant Pot

  1. Would lining a sieve with a paper coffee filter be sufficient? Or should I go purchase one of the reusable coffee mesh sieves? Thank you for this recipe, by the way. Looking forward to making it tonight!!

        1. Happy to hear it tastes good Smita. Next time you can take the IP insert out as soon as the timer is done which stops further browning or reduce the cook time by a minute or two.

  2. I made this tonight and used store brand unsalted butter. Mine looks more like a light creamy brown then yellow like yours…is it still good?

    1. Gerry, Did you cook in Instant Pot or Stove top? When the cooking finishes you should almost be able to see thru the bottom. Once it cools down it does start to thicken up depending on the temperature in the area where you store it. Either ways I am pretty sure it will be good.

    1. Hi Rebecca, I have used salted butter in a pinch. Just reduce the cooking time by a couple of mins. You will still get perfectly tasting ghee.

  3. This takes me to my childhood when my grandma used to make it and the aroma filled the entire house! I should try this soon 🙂

    1. Hi Neha, I would cook it for 5-7 mins. Watch when all the white granules start to disappear and then turn off the IP.

      1. I tried with 8 oz of kerry gold unsalted butter and my ghee had white froth on top of it and it was brown in color and looks like burnt and still undone.

          1. Hi Shilpa! How did it looks after cooking down? Usually straining will remove any browned bits from the bottom.

      1. Hi Bhawna, Saute(Normal) with a 5-7 minute external timer. Ghee will continue to cook after you have turned the IP off.

  4. worked perfectly!! Thank you? Very hard to believe that ghee can be made in just 9 minutes but it did!

    1. Hi Supriya! So glad you made ghee in IP! I no longer make mine on stovetop. This is such a foolproof recipe.

  5. Thank you for this post. After several failed attempts on stovetop finally i got the ghee i always wanted to prepare.i am a busy mom so it is hard tp babysit the ghee but this one was awesome, 10 minutes only job. Never buying ghee from store when its so easy to make with clean ingredients amd cheaper too. Thanks again!!

    1. Hi Neetu! So glad this worked for you. I have burnt my ghee many times and once I figured out the time and temps for IP, its been perfect every time. Clean up is pretty easy too!

      1. Yes clean up is easy!! In fact, one time after the ghee was done I put some separately washed dalia and moong dal with water into the same pot and put it to manual 8 minutes. Dalia Khichdi with nice aroma of ghee was ready for dinner 🙂
        thank you for your recipes. I have shared your blog with my friends too who are new to the world of IP. I eagerly wait for your vegetarian recipes cooked in IP.

  6. Hello! May I know what is the advantage of doing it in IP? I am curious because I have always done it on stove top for years and it has come out well. Just trying to understand the differences and advantages.

    1. Hi, Using IP is just another way of cooking ghee. If you know the exact stove-top timing and temperature and can make it consistently then you can continue making it on the stove top.
      With Instant Pot I know the ghee will be ready in exactly 15 mins for 16 oz of butter I use. I have burnt a couple of batches on the stove top as I forgot about it. So with IP since I always start the timer as soon as I press the sauté button. Also I know setting it to normal does not need me to intervene the process.

  7. I tend to make 8 pounds at a time on stove top. But will 4 pounds work in IP or boil over? Any idea for settings? Thanks

    1. 4 pounds will def work in IP. I usually make make 2 pounds at a time and it takes 15 mins. For 4 pounds try setting it to 17-18 mins. You can always add more time if needed. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi Archana, if I were to double quantity of butter, would I also have to double the time? Or keep it the same? or just go up by a few minutes? Thank you for this – made my life so much easier!

  9. Followed your directions exactly, but mine is brown after straining rather than yellow like yours. Did I burn it by letting it cool too long? Should I have strained it right away? Is it still okay to use?

    1. Hi Sarah, Does it smell good to you? If it does it will be good. Once it completely cools down it will be yellow. Either ways it will be okay to use.

  10. Hi Archana, first time IP user and i decided to start off with your ghee ;> Fingers crossed . Anyway my 15 minutes are up but there s still white solids in there. Are they supposed to brown ?

    1. Hi Smitha! So after you turn off your IP in 15 mins it still continues to cook for another 2-3 mins and that is when it will brown.

  11. I have the instant pot ultra. What would the “normal” setting be? The options are low, medium, high and custom. Thank you

        1. Normal is not a preset but is part of the sauté mode. In older models press sauté and then adjust and you will see the display toggle between normal, less and more. For newer models you press sauté and each time you press the setting will toggle

      1. I made 32 oz with 15 mins timer, I was watching it carefully but last min kids distracted and I felt it burnt, I removed insert from pot, and when I strained it the left over solids were brown and the strained ghee smells like caramel.. do you think it is still good ? And can I store it at room temperature?

  12. Thanks for the recipe Archana! This is the quickest ever I have made ghee! A little tip( from a grandma) for beginners – add 2 curry leaves towards the end and when they turn crunchy and are crackling, then that’s the point that the ghee is done and you can transfer it (to avoid over browning).

    1. Hi Sharan! Thank you for the lovely feedback. And I agree curry leaves give a great flavor just make sure they do not have water and are completely dry before adding to the ghee.

  13. Perfect! I made the 8oz Kerry butter for 5 mins sure, then 1 min off. I was stirring the entire time. Ghee looks golden.

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